Thursday, July 30, 2015


Love me some cobbler I do and I've used this method to whip out many peach cobblers but never pineapple and cherries.

So why not.

Recipe, here. And, don't forget to use an iron skillet.



Travis McGee

I'm in a posting mood so just deal with it....

This morning I stumbled upon a box filled with old paperbacks. Included was a complete set of John D. MacDonald's series of Travis McGee novels. I'm sure you remember them; each book had a color title, like The Turquoise Lament.

If you haven't as yet read them do yourself a favor and find a few at your local used book store, that is if you still have one in your town. Don't download them, find the paper copies and jerk yourself a cup of coffee and actually smell the ink.

MacDonald was a wonderful writer.

Trust me.


The Last One

My picture folder was stuffed with photos of Little Bit. Too full as a matter of fact, and I decided it was time to clean house. It hurt, but never the less the time had arrived for me to delete.

This will be the last I'll ever post.


Justin Wilson

I miss this 'Ole Boy.

Let's eat.


Ticked Off

Sorry, didn't post yesterday because it's been a mad house around here...excuse me as I wipe these tears from my eyes....

Kinda ticked off this morning. Late last night I found a nice website with a fine article on .38 Special wadcutters. Didn't have a chance to finish the piece so saved the page to my laptop's favorites list and went to bed. Came in this morning and jumped on my office computer, did a Google search, nada. Can't find it.

The website is similar to a blog written by a nice gentleman by the name of Mike...I think. Dumbass that I am I should have recorded the address. Oh well.

Gotta run, later.