Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Egg and I

Tomorrow morning I'd like to wake and find this pictured breakfast on my table.

It's been many years since I've had a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg with toast points.

It's only a dream you know...more than likely my breakfast will consist of a stale granola bar and a cup of coffee.

At least I can dream.


Bits & Pieces

Allow me, please, a moment to again shake the dog bone. Only because I've had several emails from good friends and followers with questions about the purchase of silver.

I mentioned to one good friend that perhaps they should also include fractional shares of silver bars among their stash of one ounce coins and rounds. If you have a nice little pouch of fractional silver pieces such as - tenths, thirds, quarters, half and other odd gram weights, it is possible the odd eight point eighth piece of silver might turn the table in your favor at the local market.

As an example below we have a one third troy ounce silver bar. The reverse has a skull and cross bones. As always please excuse my very poor photography. 

Above, I've given you a hint as to where you might purchase such tiny pieces of silver. My knife is placed as scale. This piece arrived in the morning mail. The cute little booger actually weighs a fraction over its stamped weight and indeed tested pure. I only test my first purchase when dealing with a new business. The test acid will leave a flaw in the piece.

I also strongly suggest, if you make a habit of precious metals investments, and take physical possession of the metals, the purchase of scales. Since I'm very old fashioned I still use balance scales. Mine are old...I guess those new fangled digital things would suffice.

I know it's darn hard to tell from this picture but my one third piece actually weighed a bit heavy...I liked the little mint erred to my credit.

Sorry about the blurred picture.

Above, ten grams of silver. Hint to Atlantis Mint. Please be careful and make sure its stamped .999, not .925 which is sterling. If it is indeed sterling, make sure the price is adjusted lower.

I keep my little scale in my satchel. It also comes in handy for jewelry.

Above, folded.

As you can see its not much bigger than my knife.

I enjoy the trade of silver for goods and services. Just yesterday I sold a low grade revolver for several ounces of silver. The gentleman paid with American Silver Eagles. He walked out with a smile and I loved that soft tink when the pieces were dropped into my leather pouch. 

I should make a point about price. I try and keep my purchases within just a few dollars of spot. Many though, collect these tiny pieces as art, and think nothing about paying far more than the current market price. You decide.


The shop was busy yesterday. I was distracted and just this side of aggravated when my cell phone beeped. An email. I grabbed the sucker and quickly glanced at the email.

Here is what I found.....


I really hope you get this fast. I could not inform anyone about our trip, because it was impromptu. we had to be in Philippines for Tour..  The program was successful, but our journey has turned sour. we misplaced our wallet and cell phone on our way back to the hotel we lodge in after we went for sight seeing. The wallet contained all the valuables we had. Now, our passport is in custody of the hotel management pending when we make payment.

I am sorry if i am inconveniencing you, but i have only very few people to run to now. i will be indeed very grateful if i can get a short term loan   from you(2,550). this will enable me sort our hotel bills and get my sorry self back home. I will really appreciate whatever you can afford in assisting me with. I promise to refund it in full as soon as soon as I return. let me know if you can be of any assistance. Please, let me know soonest. Thanks so much.
This email was supposedly sent by my cousin. Let's call her, Glynda. The two of us, as they say, grew up together. There isn't a gnats difference in our age. She's about a month younger or older, I forget, the point is we were very close. I loved and still love her very much indeed.
Since I was so very busy, like I've said, I didn't read the text very carefully. I thought, damn, she's in trouble. Anyway, I went about my business as sad thoughts floated about my mind. 
I know Manilla, lived there for six months. Its full of thieves and pick pockets, easy to believe she was in serious trouble. But, something bothered me about the letter. I again removed my phone and this time read it carefully. Scam. Just to make sure I sent her a quick text and asked if she and her husband were home. She phoned back within seconds.

Seems her computer was hacked. The hackers had cleaned out her contact list. She'd received hundreds of phone calls. Then she said, "Don't respond."

Too late.

I'd sent a reply that said, "Contact the U.S. Embassy." Me, felt like an idiot. Changed my email password.

Oh well.


Time for coffee, later.