Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BackWoods Home

I've been reading Backwoods Home for years and years. If you haven't you're missing a great magazine. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I receive no funds for my endorsement, I simply like the magazine.

Here's a link to their website,, enjoy.


Cool Dreaming and Firewood

I'm ready for cooler weather and the warmth of a wood fire. We're lucky, Sweet Wife and I, as we have two fireplaces in our home. Working fireplaces, not those cheap metal inserts made more for looks than function, but quality brick and mortal 'kick your butt with roasting heat' fireplaces. 

One is located in our formal living room and the other in our family room. The family room fireplace is primary. When cool weather hits our area its usually in late October.  I have standing orders, from Sweet Wife and Little Bit, when she is in residence, to have a fire laid and ready to light when she arrives home from work. I always follow orders. We burn a lot of wood. Firewood here in North Florida isn't cheap. A good truck load (less the a standard cord) can cost me a couple hundred dollars. Ouch. I'm cheap, well, perhaps frugal is a better description of my spending habits.

So this weekend when I spotted a nicely stacked pile of freshly cut Live Oak on the side of the road, I jumped.  I had beat the city yard waste truck, and it was free for the taking.

The wood was the result of a trim job, probably as a safety measure for hurricane Irene.  Live Oaks are big. The limb had been cut in rounds, and trust me, they were heavy. Each piece weighed between 60 and 90 pounds, a rough estimate for sure, but close enough. I tried to limit my selections to pieces measuring less the 21 inches, the limit for my Troy Built.

Free firewood is money in my pocket. Times are 'tuff all over, this is evident from my daily blog reads. Seems everyday I read where more and more people are losing their homes and jobs, or know of a neighbor in the same predicament. It's depressing. Many of these bloggers have become my friends. I read their posts and feel helpless. One jumps to mind and I shall not mention his name, he's a proud man, and to ask for help is beyond him. I've veered of course....sorry.

Anyway, back to the firewood. I loaded six or seven rounds (doctor's visit imminent) took it home and prepped for splitting the wood down to usable sections. Guess what...darn things were so heavy and green my log splitter wasn't up to the task. It'll season and I'll try again. Did get one to pop, Little Bit cheered.

Take what you can folks. There are terrible times ahead. Swallow your pride, too. Friends help friends. 

Do you hear me, my friend.