Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jars of Blue and Green

Today we together made a huge pot of vegetable soup. She diced the potatoes as I browned the ground beef and chopped the onions. She smashed and diced the garlic and together we both took turns stirring the pot and the result was a very tasty but huge pot of soup. Even with two large bowls  for dinner we have far too much for us to refrigerate and feel safe it'll keep before we have completed the entire pot. Waste bugs me.

So, tomorrow I will break out the 'ole All American and a few Mason jars of blue and green and can the remaining soup. Besides, I need the practice. Along with Ball's Blue Book I shall also use Jackie Clay's excellent book on home canning for reference. I don't trust myself to remember every little step in the canning process, as you too shouldn't.

I'm sure we'll have at least three if not four quarts when the job is completed. As I said, I should can far more often. It's fun, and to a degree, an artful science. Besides, a stocked larder of home cooked and processed canned food gives great satisfaction.

If you consider yourself a survivalist (or Prepper) and haven't as yet set flame to canner - sorry, you're still in the minor leagues. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. If you are experienced please remember to hit the reference books for a refresher course, unless you're in Jackie Clay's realm. 



I hate to post news, but -

This just sucks.

How long before they order gallons of tattoo ink and tell us to stretch out our arms.