Saturday, November 24, 2012


It's obvious I've been away for almost two days. To tell the truth my work days have been long and tiring. The morning after Thanksgiving I was back at the shop at zero dark thirty, then again today. It's funny to see the surprise on the customers faces when they drive by, brake, and walk inside...almost all say they thought I'd have been closed. I remind them I have democrats to support.

Late this afternoon, after my shop was locked, I came home and took the left over turkey and as the new age chefs like to say, 'deconstructed' that sucker. Then I built a nice stew. It met Sweet Wife's approval. It was served with garlic toast made from a baguette of French bread. Contentment in a bowl.

Tomorrow after church we shall drive north and place a Christmas arraignment on the grave of my father-in-law. Then, after Sweet Wife has a few minutes with her father, we'll walk around a quaint little village and visit a few antique stores. We'll have dinner at a local seafood joint and then a peaceful drive home. Like I said, we're content.

It's been a nice quiet Thanksgiving. I hope yours was the same.