Saturday, July 18, 2015

Know Your Limitations

It is written (somewhere) we should all know our limitations. Mine is auto mechanics. Place just about any firearm at my feet and I'll run it for you. Ask me to repair your car - not gonna happen.

Sure, I can change the oil and handle most of the basics but when it comes to the complicated stuff, like brake jobs, well it's best to leave it to the experts.

Several months back I happened upon a Youtube channel and found this fine young man. Here's a sample.

Eric works clean. He has a system and his videos are clear and simple enough for the average back yard mechanic to follow along, even a dummy such as myself.

Do yourself a favor - before you attempt that next brake job on your twenty year old Chevy run over and visit Eric, he'll probably save your life.


Saturday Ramble

The price of friggin shrimp has spiked - even the frozen stuff is nine bucks a pound. I want to cook. Something with rice and bell peppers and onions and celery all mixed with a wonderful light brown rue.

Guess I'll settle for chicken...

As you're well aware it's Saturday and I really haven't the time to write. Couple of crows have landed just outside my office window. They cuss me.

Hey, I really need to run...later, but first,

tell me, and be serious - Crow and Creole?