Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanks & Welcome

To two new followers this morning. The first thanks and welcome goes to my new friend, Just Cook. He's a chef and has a new blog, please, take a stroll and say hello.

My friend, I will reply to all comments, good or bad. It might take me a day or two, but I shall reply so please drop a line when you visit.

My new friend, John (aka Just Cook) like I've mentioned is a chef, a professional, unlike me, a wanna-be. I've always admired real working chefs. The culinary arts draw me like a moth to flame. I'm far more comfortable with a handgun or battle rifle in my hands, but chef knives turn me on too. By the way, his last blog entry was about making flour from acorn nuts. He'll even show you how to process venison. What's not to like....I mean, come on, he's a real working chef.

My other new friend is dakotas5. I believe his blog is fairly new too. Hillbilly Survival will prove an interesting read.

Again, my new friends, thank you for hitting my follower button. To my long time friends, please, run over and say hello. I appreciate it.

John, Dakotas5 - you are now among friends.