Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How's The Weather

It's friggin hot here....

How 'ya doin.' I know, I know - been a while hasn't it. Thought I'd take a vacation from computers for a few months and all I get is grief.

We're fine. Busy, but fine. She twinkles, as very active in her church, and knock wood, healthy. I'm here at the shop keen on growth after the awful bitch slap this country has suffered at the liberals hand.

Otherwise, life is one huge bore. With afternoon temps in the high nineties and 'feel like' ranges over one hundred degrees I figure the darn grass can just go grow itself and leave me the heck alone. One day I just fired the John Deere and engaged the blade and told the sucker to roam at will.

Neighbor didn't think it funny when the mower crossed the street tracked down his poodle....

All my friends have abandoned me. My best buddy, Duke, as many of you are aware, bought a horse barn and decided to spend the summer shoveling poop. Didn't even ask my permission. Senior runs between here and his farm in the Carolinas, not sure which, its either one with a North or South attached, but anyway I understand he's enrolled in a tractor driving course. Little red cones and all...

One shooting buddy and his wife purchased a new home and is busy in the retrieval of all his buried loot....those darn tubes tend to shift and drift after twenty years underground. I'll wait until he's long packed and gone and then sneak over for that fine old surplus piece under the rose.

ShooterSteve found a job with night hours....he's happy as the employers asked him to wear a uniform and pack a firearm. Between us I think he pretends its some kind of swat job. Yes, his bullet is in his pocket.

My friend Rebel is just Rebel....he spends his days reliving Woodstock.

 I really miss my friends. Soon as this heat wave turns to cooler days and nights I'd like to once again gather the bunch and take 'em out for some serious range time.

Until then I just hope they don't hurt themselves...