Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Bet

At this very moment one of you poor souls, like me, has American Idol on their television. Every week, for the most part, I've had to listen to this mess in the background as I try to read or write. Sweet Wife loves it.

I must confess - it's nice to hear my wife sing along with the kids on the screen. She has a nice voice, and sings softly, all gentle and tender. It makes her happy. The least I can do is give her a couple of hours to free her mind from the ugliness of this world.

I wish it were as simple for me.

I hate the show.


Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, Man Food

As my long dear departed Grandfather was fond of saying, "Boy, I gots me a hankering for gravy and biscuits." Sausage gravy and biscuits is man food. It soothes the soul.

I know, I can hear you lovely ladies scream, 'but Stephen, your heart.' My heart is fine. Even the cardiologist said I should 'cheat' once in a blue moon. A diet of tree bark and thistles gets old.

My recipe is very close to the one found at Deep South Dish. This link will take you to this sweet woman's sausage gravy recipe. I've been making my sausage gravy from scratch for years. I have a freezer filled with fresh ground sausage and I will not allow it to waste away in a frozen state any longer.

On a rainy night this salty and creamy dish over hot fresh buttermilk biscuits makes my soul sing for joy. Sadly, Sweet Wife refuses to touch it....women. Little Bit, on the other hand, begs me to make a batch on those Sunday mornings when she's with us. I can hear her now, "Please, Papa. I want your good 'ole gravy and biscuits."

The girl has class.

If you need a buttermilk biscuit recipe, please try this one from my good friend, The Mouth of the South. This sweet young lady knows her stuff.

If you must, frozen biscuits will suffice. Just make sure you serve the dish hot.




Last evening Sweet Wife asked what I'd written of late on this blog. I replied, 'little to nothing,' and she laughed. I was serious. Anyhow, she asked for my laptop since hers is filled with work related subjects and useless for the most part, so I relented and gave it to her.

You must understand, I'm not real comfortable with my bride's critiquing my work. It's part of her job to find problems and she's very good. She always finds my little mistakes, always. I grit my teeth and wait as she reads. Now, back to last night. I left the room and went about other business. An hour or so later I return to find her still deep into my archives. She had a smile on her face, good, I thought. I risked a quick question, asked her, "So, any problems?"

"No," She said, "You're funny, and unique." Me, big smile.

Then, "Are you aware you have a huge Russian fan base?"  I stop mid-stride and turn. "What?"

"There is this page on your blog that keeps tabs of your audience, and other than Americans, your numbers indicate Russians read your work more than any other country," She continued,  "Have you any reason why?"

I said, "No, Honey, I really don't know but it's fine with me."


"Perhaps they like my gun pieces, rare as they are these days." She thought for a moment and then, "No, I bet it's the way you write of your love."

Blink, blink.

She really lost me with that one.

"Don't you understand, you appeal to the mother in all women."

I've got to change things around here.....more guy stuff. Grunts, beer, hog hunts, and firearms. But, to all you lovely and sweet Russian ladies, I welcome you with open arms....if it's Russian men reading my scribbles, I really do like your AK's, and if you've one to spare, shoot me an email for my address...


Thanks & Welcome

This is for Brock Townsend and mizdeb - thank you and welcome to my humble blog. I promise to always answer your comments.  It sometimes takes me a few hours, even days - but trust me I will answer.

To my other friends I please ask that you visit Brock's blog,  I believe you'll find it very interesting. He writes about all things Southern, a subject dear to my heart.

Again, thanks and welcome. You are now among friends.