Saturday, November 9, 2013


I try, I really do try to write everyday. It's just these silly bumps in my life get in the way and hamper forward progress. Like this morning.

Walked outside to drive to work and my morning paper wasn't in its usual spot on my driveway. Thought, oh well. I'll call at the office and have another delivered. Went online and my account had a red flag, the 'ole red flag said my account was delinquent. Called the suckers. It wasn't. Lady explained they'd received my check the fifth of the month and would immediately have a replacement delivered.

Fine, but for some reason a little worm in the back of my memory flipped and I began to check all my accounts. Back around the first of the month I thought I'd lost a bundle of mail, checks, but convinced myself I had indeed placed the stack of mail in our outbox. All was well, of course, but my investigation only took two hours.

Then, the lock set and knob of the front door to my shop broke, again, this morning. Flipped the switch for the lights and four bulbs over the shop's front porch went sizzle. Now I face a trip to the local hardware store and several hours of repairs after I close today.

And, my medication awaits at the local pharmacy which only took two days to renew...and, well you get the picture.

I should be back to normal, soon. That is if nothing else breaks or disappears or doesn't find its way to the lost and found.

Bumps in life are a pain in the butt. Literally.