Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Gray Day and Bacon

Earlier I mentioned a pork roast awaited my attention. I've since placed her to bed. She's a small roast, a lean pork loin, and will make us very happy later this evening.

As far as preparation we first begin with, of course, bacon. Just a few slices, cut into thirds, and allowed to render.

If you are afraid of bacon (leave now) olive oil is acceptable. As the bacon sizzles put a hitch into your britches and prep an onion and more than a few cloves of garlic. Remember, my roast is a baby so I only used one large onion, and as you chop, don't forget the bacon. If it burns you'll be required to move to some ungodly place, like New York City.

When bacon has given all its wonderful fat remove and sit aside.

Now, break out the flour and season the roast to your taste. I use the basics, salt, pepper and Cajun spices.

Now brown the roast. Take your time, be patient. You want all sides caramelized.

Don't forget the sides and ends of the roast.

Boring stuff, huh. I know, but I'm bored. Anyway, as the roast takes on its tan, grab some small potatoes, wash and quarter. Find a few carrots and place them on standby, and mushrooms if you have a few hidden away in the back of the fridge. Grab the stock and get ready.

After the roast has finished set it aside. At this point you should remove the excess fat - leave about three tablespoons and add your chopped onions, and after a bit, the garlic. Caramelize, or at least give them enough time to  clarify.

Note, seldom, if ever, do I use a high flame. The gas setting is normally kept below medium. If you use electric (sorry about that) I can't help you with your heat settings but keep the heat under control. Burnt bacon fat lends an awful taste to your meal.

When the onion mixture has finished its dance add a bit of flour. It's time to make a light roux. Increase the flame and stir like a madman. It will thicken. When your roux has the consistency of glue pour in about two cups of stock and again stir like crazy...please don't burn. As far as stock, use what's available but try and keep it on the light side. Chicken or vegetable will suffice. Beef stocks richness tends to overpower the light flavors of pork, so if you are stuck with beef stock cut it with water.

Now, add back the bacon (go ahead a eat one piece of meat candy if you wish) and the pork roast. Pour the potatoes and carrots around its edges and top with the mushrooms. If you have a rosemary plant, dash outside and cut a couple of sprigs, it works well with the roast. Boost the flame and bring the pot to a boil. Reduce to a simmer (I lower the flame and use a simmer plate) and wait a few hours.

There, she's all snug in her bed. 

Serve with your favorite side dishes. A sweet pork loin sure makes a gray day bright.


When Sweet Wife arrived home from church this morning she walked into the kitchen and stood and watched me prep the meal. She even pinched a piece of my bacon. I asked if she'd enjoyed the service.

"Yes, we had the Last Supper."

Me, "Huh?"

We then went on to have a great debate. I asked why she thought she'd had, 'The Last Supper,' and being the smart ass I am mentioned perhaps she meant breakfast. I ducked.

I said, perhaps you meant Communion. She said no the church's handout indeed referred to the act as The Last Supper.


I then said (remember above self-description) maybe they'd served dinner. She then reached for a wooden spoon...I did not move quickly hurt.

Okay, all joking aside, did she win the argument? I believe the Lord's Supper and Communion are one and the same. I just think Communion is easy on the ears...I mean, come on, to serve supper an hour after breakfast.

You decide.


Late last night (I don't sleep very well) I flipped through the offerings of NetFlix and came upon a show titled, 'Foyle's War.'  Before I knew what had happened it was well after zero dark thirty. This is a very well written show and I (as Sally Field said) like it. Period piece. Give it a try.





I promise to return as soon as possible. Aside from the fact I can't seem to unlock my frozen and rusty creative side, the ever mundane schedule of life has a firm grip on my tail.

Please excuse me while I step into the kitchen. A nice pork roast needs my attention.