Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

It was a pleasant surprise when over the weekend I flipped on my laptop and found not one but two new friends and followers.

Thanks and welcome to my new friend, Old NFO, and also to my beautiful new friend and follower, Kitty Moore.

Many of you already know and read Old NFO. He writes the blog, Nobody Asked Me, a very witty and intelligently written blog. If you served in the Navy, he's your man. If you wore brown shoes while you served, you'll really like him, so please, run over and say hello.

 I was truly pleased to find the lovely and talented Kitty Moore had decided to hit my little blue button. She's a writer of exceptional talent. Kitty lives and works in London. Kitty Tells It As It Is, get it....please, click and read.

Again, thanks and welcome. You're both now among friends.

Oh, I've linked both of your great blogs to my blog list.