Sunday, March 18, 2012

Little Sebastian

For those that asked....

There will always be gun shows. Beside you probably own or know of every thing under the sun related to guns. But our little ones will not always be little, nor will they always be around. I am hanging on tightly today to mine. Sebastian died Friday afternoon at almost 30 weeks. My daughter delivered him, without pain meds, while on pitocin to speed up the sad event, Saturday morning at 3:11 am after almost 12 hours of active hard labor. Two stillbirths and 13 miscarriages, my heart aches for my daughter and her husband. My arms ache for the curve of a sweet little body to rock, hold, and caress. Perhaps the most devastating moment of all was when four year old Natalie was told. She burst into tears, crying, begging that she did not want Sebastian to go to Heaven, she wanted to hold him and kiss him.Her cries continue to devastate all of us. I will be eternally grateful for all the prayers that went up to Heaven for his little life. He has impacted so many despite his very short life. Stay with the babies.Today, every day possible. Nothing else is more important.
Beth - Mammaw B


Decisions, decisions

I'm expected to attend a local, and large, gun show today. Problem is, I'm also expected to stick around the house and wait for my son to bring over the grandchildren for a long afternoon visit.

If I indeed attend the gun show I'll miss my chance to say goodbye to Little Bit. She'll be gone all week, her Spring break. She is to spend the week with my son's aunt and the aunt's two little girls, Little Bit's cousins. Decisions, decisions.

The clock ticks, and I wait and think. Should I give in and take a chance on the gun show holding my attention thereby forcing a showdown with my grandchild, sure to end in tears, or should I just blow off the gun show entirely.

Think I'll stay home. If I were to miss one hug or kiss, with full knowledge I'll not see her lovely little face for a week, would kill my soul.

Life is but a series of good and bad decisions. I trust I've made a good one.

Besides, she'd kick my butt.



How many of my five or so readers have ever read the works of the writer, Michael Wallace? The reason I ask is I received an email from Amazon this morning. It was a pitch to purchase this writer's 'Righteous' series of novels.

I'm not familiar with his work, and Amazon has the Kindle editions on sale today, and today only, for .99 cents. Fine, but I would hate to make a purchase and find his writing style not to my taste. Yes, I've read the Amazon description and it lacks in substance.

Thoughts? Thanks.