Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Friendly Wave

Little Bit just yelled and gave me instructions to say 'hello' to all of you. This is a picture from last evening, and as you can see she refuses to smile. She recently lost two of her bottom teeth. Women. Shame cameras add ten pounds, because she really is just a little bit of a girl.


Good morning, dear readers, it's early here and the skies are heavy and gray and you can almost feel the storms building way out there in the Gulf waters. I'll leave you with a bit of the artistic influenced road signs left here by the influx of college students out of Gainesville's University of Florida.  

And here's a garden I found in the center of 'downtown' Cedar Key. Nice corn with tomatoes mixed in between.
 Now, for my new North Texas buddy, here's that fish I promised. Fought him all day....