Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's a Wrap

It's been a long tiring day. I walked into the house tonight to the smell of a nice dinner and a hug from my lovely wife.

Spent most of the morning on a nice multiple firearms deal. Problem was I had my friend, Duke underfoot sniffing around my business in a vain attempt to pick off the choice pieces. Maybe I'll feed him a bone tomorrow morning. Got a beautiful Ruger Red Hawk .454/.45 Colt late this afternoon. He'll bite.

 Picked up a nice little Rock River AR-15 today. Held it twenty minutes and resold it. Ah, well. Easy come....
It was a great deal.

Now, if you'll please excuse me it's time to read my newspaper and ease this slight headache. Have a great evening.


Rain, with a Sprinkle of Cash Investments

The garage door opened this morning to reveal rain. The current temperature of fifty-four is supposedly the high for today. I can live with this forecast.

Had a call yesterday from a fella said he's fallen on hard times. He's the self employed type, like me and needs quick cash. Asked if I could help. Said sure and he's agreed to drop off his small collection of firearms today.

Only reason I'm telling 'ya is he said one of the items is an old Ruger Mark I....

If it meets conditional requirements I will purchase the baby for my personal collection. I'll probably change my mind in a few weeks and sell it but for now she'll be mine. The other firearms in his collection will step out the door sometime this week. I've orders for all, based on condition. The owners prices are just too good. Investments, don't 'ya know, instant cash - firearms.

And, don't you forget it.