Sunday, March 9, 2014

BENGAY to You Too

I often overhear people say, "I ache all over." Well, duh. When I have body aches and pain I just hurt, all over is just a given, and at present I ache, ah - all over. So there. It's time for a tube of BENGAY.

After a long night and deep sleep I was awakened to a flash jump into the future. You see, the silly government, in all its omnipotence has once again taken our lives, and time, and flushed away the winter season and slapped us into the dead of summer. I hate it. In our youth winter slowly became spring which gently gave us the extended hours of long summer nights filled with fireflies and dirty bare feet.

It's time to put this silliness to rest.

Anyhow, I spent six hours out in the garage hard at work on my current restoration project and now, oh Nelly, tonight I shall pay for my lost youth.   

Sadly tomorrow I must knuckle down and try and finish our taxes, if only because somewhere out there in the wilds of Detroit a liberal needs its Obama phone.

Hey, how many of you remember Roy Rogers? Good. Now, what was the name of his sidekicks Jeep?

You are now excused....