Friday, April 12, 2013


Florida is windy, it is important to remember this fact.

Each and every morning when I arrive at my place of business, I step from my truck and begin my routine by cleaning my parking lot of wind blown trash. I have a nice collection of plastic market shopping bags. Daily I routinely bend to pluck plastic soda bottles and little brown sacks which contain glass bottles and aluminum beer cans.

I refer to these items, the trash, as 'democrat tracks.'

A fella once asked me why I call this roadside eyesore, democrat tracks. I explained if one were to follow the trail of trash it would, inevitably, lead one back to its source, and more than likely, the author of this discarded junk would be a democrat.

I further explained my business is located across the street from a city park. I watch this park. Within the park you will find democrats. I observe these democrats discard their trash on the ground...not within the large green trashcans placed about ten feet or so through out the park. Then the Florida wind gently takes this pile of rubble and sends it directly across the street to my business where tomorrow morning I will again walk about and gather their mess.

I hate it.

And just think - we're not allowed to shoot the sorry SOB's on sight.