Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coleman, First Coat

Okay, I'm a big boy so tell me what you think. This is the Coleman's first coat of paint. I'll let it dry for about two hours then return it to the protection of the garage and tomorrow spray the second layer of paint.

Please excuse the glare. Photo taken in my side yard. Today I put another four hours into prep work on the body. This isn't an easy restoration but I sure enjoy the labor.

After the second coat I'll allow it to dry for twenty-four hours and apply a clear coat. Tomorrow I'll begin a second round on the cover and wind guards. Then move on to the gas system. I plan to use a .54 caliber rifle bore brush on the gas tube. Afterwards I'll paint the grill and gas system and drip pan silver. The tank of course will be painted red.

My plans for the gas tank are to wait until the stove is reassembled then light the stove and if the tank works properly, call it good. If the tank system gives me any trouble whatsoever I shall tear it down and repair or replace component parts. I've already cleaned the system and soaked the pump leather in oil and the tank holds pressure but you never know how she'll work until it's time to light the ole girl.

Again with the glare. This picture was taken at 1800 and I thought with the low western sun I wouldn't have problems. Anyhow, I'm very pleased how the Coleman logo letters pop through the paint. I spent several hours with my Dermil and careful attention to make sure each letter was readable. Harder than you might think. I hope to finish in a couple of weeks then I shall either tackle another stove or move on to a couple of Coleman lanterns. I have found a supplier for new old stock Coleman brand logos.

When Sweet Wife came outside for a look she remarked my lungs were probably layered in lead paint. Then huffed off. 

That is all...