Friday, February 1, 2013

I Hate

The first of the month. I've spent all morning writing checks. Settling accounts rates right up there with dentist visits with me.

At least I had an hour or so visit with, Duke, this morning to break the boredom. We discussed current events, spoke of guns (the survivalist variety) and I proudly flashed him a couple of my new knife purchases, and the coffee was good and hot.

I returned from the bank where I gave over a bundle of cash to cover all the checks I wrote. Filled my trucks tank while I was out, as they say, killed two birds with one stone. Seventy five friggin dollars worth of petroleum. Ah, for the days of ten cent a gallon gasoline. Those were surely the days, my friends.

Now, please excuse me. I believe I'll dive back into an online novel. Make believe zombies help ease the strain of the constant noise of the construction just beyond my door.

Be careful out there...