Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Out of The Blue

The old timer walks in and hands me a canvas sack. Inside I find three boxes of 16 gauge shotgun shells and three loose paper hulled number one buckshot.

I give him a questionable look.

He said, "I don't need 'em anymore. Gave my guns away twenty years ago. Found them in the closet and knew you'd like to have them. Well, you do want them, don't ya?"

"Yes, Sir, and thank you. May I give you a few dollars for the shells?"

He said no and we chatted a while longer. After a few minutes he ambled towards the door. I again said thanks. Just before he left he smiled and said, "Knew you'd like the red box."

You've got to love old timers.


Highly Recommended

A couple of nights back I made fajitas. I used a new salsa. I fell in love.

Not the greatest picture in the world. This is a shot of my butcher block where I laid the jar on its side but I think you can read it. The brand is 'Mateo's.' The taste is great. I purchased the jar at Costco. Yes, for you poodle walkers out there it is organic. Trust me, try it.