Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thank You & Welcome

To my new follower, Phelan. If you'll look at my follower button she's the lovely lady with the pretty hair. She has a very nice homesteading blog, so please run over and say hello.

Phelan, I promise to always reply to any comments.

Again, thanks and welcome. You are now among friends.


What's Cooking

I'm in the mood to cook, and since Thanksgiving is so close, food has been on my mind for a few days. As you well know I love seafood, any kind thank you very much.

Came across this at Deep South Dish today and think I'll give it a try this weekend. Oh, it's pronounced Coo-bee-Yon for you Yankees....

A Deep South Courtbouillon is a roux-based, creole tomato sauce, stewed down and reduced, and used to poach fish - often redfish, red snapper or catfish.


WebCajun and His AR-15

I really like this Cajun..

Good information here....take notes.


Raw Milk & Your Freedom

Now here's a movement I can 'get behind.' When the government tells us we can't buy and consume raw milk they have essentially taken away another one of your freedoms...and I for one think it sucks...pun intended. I understand a few ladies have plans to march on Washington and eat cookies and cakes baked with raw milk, and furthermore - Oh save us great government, drink raw milk. Good for them.

Check it

I was raised around milk cows and drank many a gallon as a child....still here and kicking.


SRM 1216

Now here's a shotgun that'll put a hurt on the odd rampaging zombie horde....



Duke has posted....


Bits & Pieces

It's cool and windy this morning, and quiet here at the shop. I haven't heard from my friend, Duke. I know, at this time, he has his plate full.

For those of you new to my humble little blog, Duke is one of my best friends. We live and work in the same city. He is a member of our support 'group.' When I say I know him....I do on a personal level. We have much in common - military careers, personal likes and dislikes, our mindsets on the country and world events.

When he suffers, I and all our friends suffer with him. I take this very personal. 'Nuff said.

It is, sadly, time for me to open the doors and begin my day. It is beautiful outside and I must remember to thank the Good Lord for all my (and your) blessings. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of kind wishes and prayers for my friend. Again, he is fine...and on his behalf, until he can personally do so, I thank you again.

I often write my 'thanks & welcomes' to new followers with the line - 'You Are Now Among Friends.'

How very true...