Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thoughts, like Vapor

As soon as my muse and gas like brain return to normal I'll try and set a normal pace for this blog. With her sick and in pain our lives have flipped to the erratic side of life.

As an example yesterday I sat in a local emergency room from zero five hundred until thirteen hundred....with a batch of drunks, druggies, loonies, and democritters.

She's fine. Scheduled for procedures in early June.  Hopefully by then the white shirts will have a diagnosis.

You will now understand my thought process, bad in the best of times, is now fleeting with occasional puffs of vapor.

Please know I have read and do appreciate all of your kind and thoughtful comments and prayers. I have gone days when this computer (or any computer) hasn't crossed my mind. Books, newspapers, and the Kindle have been my chosen escape. I will make every effort, soon I hope, to answer all comments.

Don't worry. With proper medication my Sweet Wife is functional, and at times, very happy. She continually tells me to have faith. She's stays quite busy with her flower beds. I did indeed sneak a few herbs into the mix. She welds the water can with aplomb.

In the  meantime I've decided to study the Daily Racing Form and take a ride on the ponies....busy mind and all that...

Again, thank you.