Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Ride In The Country

In just a few minutes my truck will point its nose towards the west for a ride into the countryside. My friend John asked to ride along and since company is nice we'll share the afternoon together. Between the two of us we'll pack enough heat to support the local National Guard.

We have plans to burn a bit of gunpowder, but only after a stop by my father's gunshop for a hundred or so pounds of lead ingots, a thousand small pistol primers and, if time allows, we dig thru his reloading equipment, most of it vintage, for archaic pieces of reloader history. I pray to find a nice old Lyman 310, or at least a few dies. I seem to remember a number of Lee Loader's high on a wall, if I find them my father will lose a few. Somewhere in his shop there is a nice old Star Press....too.


Late this afternoon, or evening, I shall answer all your nice comments...if I find a not so nice comment, still have time to correct your mistake.

Have a great day,