Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Optimus and You

Have you one? Ever used or seen the little stoves in operation? I'd really like to hear your experiences, either good or bad.

I understand Optimus also made two burner stoves. I'd like a kerosene model as a backup to my other spirit stoves.

Early this evening I came very close to a purchase of a nice original Swedish made one burner from a company in Poland. At the very last second I though of you and flipped my wallet shut. I'll wait on your kind advice. That and the shipping cost darn near made me gag.



Know What I Want

A good 'ole RC Cola and a Moon Pie. Perhaps one of those little bags of Lance salted peanuts and a  tiny bottled Coke in which to pour the nuts and sip the fizz...

Don't even tell me you haven't tried Coke and peanuts.

It's been so long for me I can't remember the last taste.

Think of this as my bucket list in reverse.