Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Blast From the Past

Want to read a fine investment that deals with firearms and ammunition as a hedge against inflation? Good, sally forth.

I've preached the same practice for years. My friend, carteach0 hit one out of the park. The blog post was written a few years ago but stands the test of time. Trust me.



I arrived home a few hours ago. Unloaded the gear, nice long hot shower, quick nap. The guys and I had a nice but wet weekend. I'll write about it tomorrow.

For now I shall enjoy the company of my lovely wife. I also have three Cornish game hens that require my attention.

To my two new followers, thank you. I will post a proper welcome soon.

Keep an eye on Duke's blog. He will soon blog with a review of a pop-up target we tried our best to destroy. Should be an interesting article.

Until tomorrow, take care.