Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Beautiful

This is just beautiful....How Great Thou Art.

 I like this picture too.

Take a moment, relax and listen.

H/T Patrice


On This Day

Two very important events happened on this day in history. One very minor one took place five months ago - this humble little blog was born. I'd like to say thanks to each one of you for helping me find my way.

Yesterday this blog registered over sixty thousand hits, not bad for a blog five months old and written for a man's grandchildren, and achieved only by the help of each of my good friends out there. Thank you all.

More importantly on this day in 1919 a Russian gentleman by the name of Mikhail Kalashnikov was born.

He gave the world one of the finest assault rifles ever developed.


My Critter Getter

I believe everyone should own at least three....

Note: this is a long video but please try and find the time to watch all of it. If you don't run out and buy this weapon afterwards, if you can find one, well - your loss.