Friday, February 14, 2014

Our Little Friend

Thirty minutes ago came a soft knock on our front door. I flipped on the entry light to find this little beanpole of sweetness, Valentine gifts in hand.

Please, may I introduce, Arianan. She holds a strong love and attraction to Sweet Wife. She and her grandmother attend the same church. Arianan is eight, and a bundle of fun. Her visit tonight took us by surprise and she caught both of us in our pajamas...

She also knows the whereabouts of all Little Bit's toys, dolls, and stuffed animals. Whenever she visits she makes a direct beeline to Little Bit's bedroom. I'm sure Little Bit would understand.

Above she sits and plays alongside her 'Aunty's' chair.

It's nice to have a child about the house. I think we'll keep her.


For All the Girls in My Life

May you each receive diamonds, chocolate, roses of red, and a fine dinner. Most of all, I wish you an evening of peace and love, a warm fireside fur rug, and the joy of blissful sleep in the arms of the man of your dreams.

(Private moment here.)

Sweet Wife, my dear, I'll see you this evening. I love you.