Sunday, March 3, 2013


The chili slowly simmers.

This is Sweet Wife's favorite cold weather meal. I enjoy chili anytime, breakfast even. Not long ago she asked if I'd please not add chopped green chilies to the mixture. I promised, with a straight face, that I'd never ever again include chopped green chilies.

So when I built the present pot of man goodness I used chopped jalapenos.

I'm a man of my word. Dinner is served. 'Ya come.



I stepped outside this morning to a windy and cold day. I pray it will last as Spring knocks. Soon the Coots will turn their wings northward and I've noticed our hickory has fresh green buds. Our winter is so very short.

As I gathered the heavy Sunday paper I turned to the river and its whitecaps and mentally soaked in the cold breeze and could almost taste the briny scent of the marsh. The windchimes clattered. I smiled. I'll miss the chilly season. Winter is a brief lover to southern climes.

I've finished the morning paper and my two cups of coffee and must now rise and tidy the kitchen. My lovely wife will soon arrive home from church. If she were to find a mess in the kitchen she'd frown and give me, 'the look.' I'll not disappoint her.

Today we shall drive downtown. Minor errand. I try and avoid downtown trips. As we live within a city divided by a river there are several bridges from which to choose and accomplish our task. All lead to confusion. I hope to infiltrate and fall back quickly.

Wish me luck.

On another note; please forgive my lack of attention to your blogs. I live (at present) a very hectic life. These last few months have presented many challenges. Some good, others not so much. The latter holds sway. I DO read your blogs. Many I scan. None the less, all of you make me smile, and at times, weep. Just know and trust your lives are important to me as you are and shall always be my friends.

Smile, the purple sash is upon the cross. It's almost Spring.