Friday, December 28, 2012


I'll answer comments soon, please give me a bit of time. I almost have this new computer personalized to my quirky nature. This strange new keyboard is driving me slowly nuts.

But hey, I like it.

As I type Sweet Wife is deep into a British Midsomer Murder mystery. I glance up once in a while and catch a bit...not bad.



Early Morning Ramble

Still cool here at 38 degrees. I love it.

I arrived at the shop early this morning. On the ride here I was shocked to see we'd had a twenty cent increase in gasoline prices. Bugs me as I need to refill my trucks tank.

Stand by as I jerk another cup of coffee.

Ah, better.

Six geese just shot their way over the shop cutting the air hard on a southerly course. If such had happended in my youth I'd have been outside with a shotgun barrel pointed in their direction. Now, I just smile and admire. They make such beautiful music.


Okay...I've taken advice, from you dear gentle readers, and have ordered a new laptop. I went the Sixbears route and did an online order from Wal-Mart. That, was a hard decision to make as I'd sworn to never ever again purchase from those folks. Ah, isn't life a cruel mistress.

With his advice in mind I tried to order the lowest priced laptop on their site with the features I need but in the end chose a model with a slightly higher retail price. Seems the inexpensive models lack wi-fi.

Still, this new computer only set me back half the price of my Dell laptop - happy happy me. Half, mind you. My new computer is the HP 655 (C1B96UJ) with a 15.6 inch screen. 

Anyway, whoop-tee-do...big deal.

I just use the darn things to write and surf. Long as it works I'm happy. Okay, did I screw the pooch or do well in my choice?


When I spoke of the price to Sweet Wife - the next day, she smiled and said I remind her of Hetty Green. I'm sure many of you know of this gentle and kind woman. Bet you didn't know she's my hero. Love the old girl. By the way if you haven't as yet read her biography, try and find a copy (not easy) and spend a rainy day with it. Very good read. Actually there are two bios but the one I like is titled, 'The Witch of Wall Street.'

Some have said, unflattering of course, I'm tight with a penny. Don't believe them, even if you do see me out and about searching the sidewalks and parking lots for Lincoln's image.


Some have asked....

Yes, I've only recently finished with the mind altering medications. Thank you. I feel so much better.

God bless you all.