Thursday, September 15, 2011

Action Thriller

October 1st, Larry Correia, and Mike Kupari, have a new novel hitting the bookstores. If it's as well written, and it should be, as the rest of Larry's works, it'll be a humdinger....

Here's a snippet from Larry's blog about Mike.

This is Mike’s first book, and it is a darn good one that deserves to be read. For those of you who don’t know, Mike is an EOD Technician, currently defusing roadside bombs in Afghanistan. He will still be in Afghanistan, risking his life and being awesome, when his first novel appears in stores. Places like NPR can talk about thriller writer street cred, but Mike plays high-explosive chess against terrorist IEDs before breakfast.  Most first time authors are super excited to do their first book signings, but Mike can’t because he’s deployed… Think about that for a second… He can’t do book signings for the really nifty book he wrote because he is too busy DEFUSING MURDER BOMBS.


Indian Uprising

Oh, this, is just beautiful. Wonder what the great one will have to say....

Just strikes me as funny.


Bits & Pieces

I like this magazine cover. It has a lot going for it, a reflection of time, and a pantry full of canned goods. The magazine isn't bad reading either.

If you bloggers haven't tried Google Chrome, do so. It seems to me (and I'm no expert) that it loads graphics on my blog a heck of a lot easier than Firefox.

An old customer came in today and he appeared worse for wear. After a few minutes he related how he'd lost his job and home. He and his family are now living in a shipping container. You've seen those large metal boxes used for shipping junk from China, like that.  His brother-in-law set one in his backyard for this poor man and his family (wife and three small children) to live in while they try and regain some sense of order and dignity back into their lives. If this isn't a reflection of the times in which we now live, give me a better example.

Please, get ready. Store some rice and dried beans and canned meat. Get out of debt. I know, easier said than done, but try. Remember, there is a big difference between a need and want. Get those fifty pounds bags of flour and sugar. Stock your shelves with canned vegetables, water is a must. Got protection? A handgun, rifle, shotgun, .22 critter getter and a stack of ammunition? Time is precious and I'm sorely afraid were rapidly nearing the end, and before you know it your federal reserve notes will be worthless. Give it some thought, please.

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