Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thank You

To all my new followers - thank you. For an older guy writing bits and pieces for his grandchildren to read when I, hopefully, reach Heaven, I am honored to have you along for the ride. And, if any of you have linked this small blog to yours and I haven't caught it, please let me know and I shall respond in kind.


New Arrivals

The postman just left, dropped off my recent order of novels. I love books, an addiction to revile nicotine and shooting.

Here are my two newest babies written by M. J. Mollenhour. I have never read the man's work, so will let you know how I like them later. I'm taking Sweet Wife and Little Bit to the Gulf Coast this weekend with a stack of five or six books. Oh, the Benchmade Knife is mine. Pretty isn't it.

My Promise to You

If you leave a comment on my blog I shall respond. It might take me a while, but I promise to reply to any and all comments, good or bad.
As my dear departed mother would have said, it's just good manners. I have left hundreds if not thousands of comments on the blogs I follow over a number of years. Most never respond. I no longer follow those blogs. I feel if a reader has taken the time to click and reply the least I can do as the writer is show them respect and acknowledge their efforts.

Thank you,

Man Up

This will be short and sweet, get a gun. One of my customers came in yesterday and at first glance looked like old poop warmed over; one eye swollen, cuts and abrasions on his face, limped.
He had been mugged while withdrawing money from an ATM the night before. I asked, "Where was your weapon?"
Boys and girls, this must stop. If you live in a 'Shall Issue' state, exercise your right and get that license. Even if you live in one of those wussyfied Socialist states, try and jump through their hoops for approval to exercise your God given right to self-defense. In my humble opinion any man that won't protect his family and friends is about as worthless as tits on a bull.
After license acquisition, practice. This doesn't mean go to the local indoor range and static shoot at a piece of white paper; this type of practice is only good for fundamentals, trigger control, breathing, front sight. I mean practice shooting while moving, using your left hand and magazines changes. Get help, professional help. It could very well save your life.
And while I'm preaching here (which isn't the same as a rant) get in the habit of packing  and carrying a 'get home bag' and place it inside your vehicle along with a long gun; rifle or shotgun. Keep it there. I have a group of close friends, all former military, each of us practice this habit and God help anyone that gets between us and our families in any SHTF emergency. To put it in a nutshell those critters would be DRT. Trust me when I say this isn't bravado, it's just a fact. In normal life we're just a bunch of big teddy bears.
Face it folks, there is only two kinds of people in this 'ole world; Survivors and victims, pick a side.