Friday, March 16, 2012


Are everywhere it seems these days. I truly hope some liberal watches this video. It's a hoot.



It Only Takes A Moment

This morning I had a great comment left by eiaft on my carry piece post. Please, take a moment and read it here.

It could very well save your life. It only takes a moment in time, one simple failure with your carry piece, and you'll find yourself holding the hand of death on a very long walk.

Please, read the article. It's well written.


Carry Habits

We all have a favorite carry piece. Mine's a Glock 27 chambered in .40 S&W. She's my parasite; always attached to my belt at the small of my back. She gives me piece of mind and protects the ones I love and any other innocent person I'm around during my daily grind.

She comes to my hand easily and the front sight finds its target without hesitation. We belong together, which leads me to my bone headed mistake of yesterday. I overslept. In my rush to get out the door I forgot her. Stuff happens. Six or seven miles from home I realized my mistake but didn't panic. I simply reached into the console of my truck and removed a Glock 17. Miss Glock 17 fits my holster like a glove even if her barrel shows a little leg, she's happy in my Galco.

Life moves forward and all's well with the world.

It's behooves us all to change our carry weapons from time to time. Every other blue moon or so I awake and think, why not carry my Smith 29 or my Ruger, or perhaps, for slaps and tickles, I'll reach into the safe for my Beretta 92. Since I wear belt holsters and have one for each of my handguns it isn't a big deal. It's good to become familiar with a different carry piece; get to know her feel, its balance, how it comes to hand on a draw. Let's face facts, it could save a life when in certain circumstances you're stuck with a handgun you've never fired. And, it's kinda fun to play and dance with an unknown once in a great while....

Think about it.