Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Come to Papa

I have a big weakness for Old Pour silver....and this is a nice piece.

Don't even think about it.....I mean it.


The Next Chapter

My lovely wife is about to take a huge step in the next chapter of her life. She has an opportunity to join a very old and revered Florida company, a private firm, and her interview is scheduled for 1300 this afternoon. She's as nervous as a cat in a badger hole. 

The location for this interview is many miles from our home so I've closed the shop and will provide security and play chauffeur as she rides and studies her notes. She spent most of last night in research of the firm. She wants this job like a child's desire for candy.

Her hands shake.

If you're so inclined please think of her today. Or, say a prayer. Maybe even light a candle or stick of incense. I would sure appreciate it.