Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What 'da Heck

I hear screams, yells, shouts of  'mofo this, and you gonna pay a**hole. Quickly look outside and there must have been sixteen democritters, at a hard run down the street. Within seconds the crowd had disappeared into the park.

Appeared as if all were about sixteen or seventeen years old, boys.

None offered me a clear shot.

Fun while it lasted.


Right On

Further explanation, I feel, isn't necessary.

H/T Joel



My world the last few days has been jerky and busy to say the least. Sorry for the lack of post. It's taken all morning for me to write this simple post, which should give you an idea of my day so far. This is good, don't get me wrong. My blog will always take a backseat to my capitalistic greed....

This morning I unlocked my door to find a small pile of magazines scattered across the carpet; mail delivery from yesterday. Many of these, the business receives free of charge. It's a promotional service provided to any business with a customer base that exceeds the number of two. The publishers are betting you'll come in and scan the magazine and jerk out those little cards and subscribe. So be it. Many are personal subscriptions I've received for years, like Shotgun News.

A few samples...

I'll not insert a picture of Playboy, can't find a picture I'll feel comfortable posting here. Nor will I list those publications I receive that deal with minority issues which I file in the 'ole trash can. Reader's Digest surprised me. I was under the impression the magazine ceased publication years ago. Goes to show what I know. 

It's evident, by the heavy listing of firearms related magazines, of my interest. The shame is I seldom have the time to read each issue completely. I do scan them, mostly on rainy days. 

Duty awaits.