Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Shy Smile of Thanks.

To any who read and comment, thank you very much, and if you hit the follow button, ah shucks. I'll dance at your next wedding.

So, I'm the new guy

First of all I'm not a polished writer, and as you can see from my last post not a very good editor either. Deal with it.

My computer skills are limited and I find working with Blogger difficult, but I'll learn. Any tips and suggestions would be grateful. 

My name is Stephen. I'm a fairly quiet and simple person; been around the block a time or two, seen the world. I'm self-employed with a small (very small) business located here in North Florida. I'm married to the sweetest little Georgia peach in the world and I love her very much. We have a son and daughter-in-law and our two grandchildren, a girl of six and a grandson just pushing eight months old. 

My interest are varied to say the least. I consider myself a member of the gun culture, firearms are big in my life. I love to shoot, and we'll get into that down the road, but rest assured this blog will not rant and rave (unlike some I read) about cops at the door during the wee hours of the morning and how I'd fight my way out. That isn't my style. It's childish and immature at best.
Got side-tracked for a moment. Like I said my interest are varied which is why I hope this blog (or ramblings)
doesn't get pegged as a 'gun blog.' I may write about my daily life or feel the urge to print a recipe since cooking is one activity I love. Maybe we'll speak of and explore self-sufficiency, canning produce from the garden, art, books (another big love of my life) and authors. For sure politics could come into play, we'll see. I've taken my cue from other blogs I've read (some for years) and hope to take a little from here and there, perhaps refine some of their ideas into mine. Not steal mind you, borrow would be a better word. We'll get back to my blog reading list later.

For all intents and purposes this daily (I hope) journal is for my grandchildren. I'm not getting any younger. I'd like to leave them a little something of their 'Papa.' 

I hope to make this an easy place to visit. Yes, I'm very much a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, conservative as you can get. I did swear an oath to my country and its Constitution; love my country - the present government, not so much. I know, I'm repeating myself. But like I said, no rants and raves against 'them.' I'll be the quiet guy standing over in the corner of the room, a bit over six feet tall and slightly over two hundred pounds wearing 5-11's a tee and cover shirt with a Glock secure in Galco leather hidden in the small of my back. If you see me you'll get a shy smile and nod, but I will not mingle with the crowd. I'll just stand on the outside looking in.