Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stolen Pleasure

The doctors office called today. They told me they searched the office and exam rooms for my Kindle. It wasn't there. Like I didn't know this before I even asked them to look around.

Told Sweet Wife and she said, "Well, your birthday is just a few days away why don't you order a new one and I'll make it your gift."  She's like that...sweet.
So, tonight I did order a new one. They've updated the Kindle Keyboard. Free anytime connectivity, 3G. Of course the price has been updated too. Seems I can reload the new one with all the books in my Amazon account, nice.

It'll be a nice 34th birthday gift....


Just A Quick One

Still hard it on the taxes. Now into the income part of it and it's a royal pain.

Just wanted to share a quick note on Little Bit. This morning on the ride she wanted to play her spelling game. After a few rounds of me throwing out words she said stop. So, I did as requested. She then said,


"What, Honey."

"You do know I spell better than you."

"Yes, you do, so?"

She reaches and takes my hand in hers, I guess to soften the blow she's about to throw my way and continues, "Papa, I want you to give me a hard word. I want a word you'd never be able to spell. A really hard hard word. Okay, Papa."

I thought for a moment, turned to her and gave her beautiful brown eyes a hard stare and said, "Honeybun, are you really sure you want a hard hard word?"

She sighed, put on her stern face with, "Yes, Papa. A hard one."

Me, "Okay, here goes. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Of course she knew the word having watched Mary Poppins untold times in her short life. She huffed, turned away and said,

"Papa, Nana's right, you're just a smartass, aren't you."

Nana and I need to have a word or two.

I let the smartass slid.