Sunday, November 4, 2012


I've just built a pot of bean soup and placed it to simmer, Sweet Wife is on her way to church without me and Romney is giving a speech and we're back to Standard Time. Life continues.

Not much on my agenda today. Hopefully my dear wife, when she returns, will allow me to tinker on my current restoration project, but I dream. I'm sure she'll want me to accompany her on some day trip, probably we'll find ourselves lost in an area antique mall. Oh well, maybe I'll stumble across something Coleman or firearms related.


Today marks five months since I've seen my heart. Five months. Soon she'll be eight years old. Hard to believe. I wonder, how much has she grown. Is she happy. Is she loved.

We have received word she's a straight 'A' student within the public school system. When this bit news arrived I thought, 'What did they expect.'


Hey, maybe later.