Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Number One Seventy Eight

Since I just can't seem to find a name for my newest follower, number one seventy eight, I must ask for help.

If you've hit my blue button in the last twenty four hours, please, leave a comment for me with your name, and if you have one, your blog link. This will allow me to properly thank you.

I'm funny that way.



Our Newspapers

Are fast disappearing. I find this disturbing news, sad. My daily paper had a short story in the money section with the news the old Times-Picayune has laid off two hundred workers. The paper will only publish three times a week. What a shame.

My morning routine as always consisted of a good cup of coffee and a print edition of our local paper. To read the paper on-line just isn't the same. I like the feel of paper, the sweet smell of ink. Though our paper is as thin as a human hair I still enjoy news I can set aside and return to after a few minutes out on the floor of the shop. I even take the comics home to my wife.

I guess it bugs me because its another piece of our history and childhood slowly fading into the mist of time. Newspapers have been a part of my life. It wasn't all that long ago I read three different papers a day, then Sweet Wife put her foot down and said enough, cost, you know. I still sneak a Wall Street Journal home time to time.

I feel sorry for New Orleans.