Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just Keep Your Mouth Shut

It's probably the best advice I can give...myself.

Why doesn't this surprise me. Give special attention to the 'call us if you know someone that hates the government' stuff.

How long before they offer a reward for our heads.


Bits and Pieces

It's fairly dark outside. Another Nor'easter has slipped into our area with a gentle kiss. Light rain, warm, and sometime today the winds will shift into high gear. Kinda nice.

I've been distracted of late. Books and work have been my constant companions for the last few days. I'm so weary of routine.

Many years ago as I accompanied my wife into a series of antique stores I came upon a shelf of old tube radios and one in particular held my attention. Long story short I swapped a few federal reserve notes and brought it to the shop and placed it for display.

A few weeks ago I took the old girl home. She's a Zenith and came off the line way back in 1951. (Side note...the rain has increased and is pounding the roof like lead shot.) Anyway, the little Zenith plays well.

Like I said, took it home. Then, one evening, I went into the family room and gathered a book from my pile and began to read. Sweet Wife walks in and takes a seat and asked, "Where did you get the new radio?"

"You remember, from that antique store." Then retold the story. She said, "Well, turn it on."

It was as if we'd stepped back into time. A couple, relaxed with an evening filled with soft music.

I must admit it was very pleasant. We've spent the last few nights under the same conditions which often turn into hours of nice conversation. We discuss and solve nick picking problems and relate stories of our childhood or simply place our heads to pillows and listen to the music of old. Often, from outside the window, the owls sing as if a member of the band.

Give it a try...


Last Saturday, after I closed shop, I went home to find Sweet Wife knee deep in sweat, pale and aggravated. She was also in my kitchen. My kitchen had been rearranged.

When I stepped into my kitchen she almost fainted. Quickly, "Honey, please just listen. Don't get mad, please, allow me to explain. You see, I thought the counters were messy and needed to be cleaned and also all those little bottles and things near the range seemed out of place and I also thought all the tools and things in the drawers needed to be organized....." She takes a deep breath, then continues, "And, I didn't think you would mind. Okay?"

The look on her face was all I needed to hold my smart mouth in check. She'd worked desperately hard at this kitchen reorganization and I wasn't about to hurt her feelings over such a simple matter. Later, I secretly replaced a few items, moved this to over there and shifted my assortment of wooden spoons. Otherwise, I let matters rest.

I'm not certain when but sometime that afternoon as I stood before the flame, sauce in pan, she came over and asked, "Well?"

"It's fine. I can live with the change."

She glanced up and the joy on her pretty little face was all I needed, but she did say, "Oh, thank you Lord."

Guess her prayers were answered.

It'll take time but sooner or later I'll get my kitchen back in order...with a subtle touch, of course.


My friend, Duke, just left the shop. He came by a few hours ago and we sat and chatted about this and that and found solutions to most of the world's major problems. We're like that....

He said his tomato plants are almost blue ribbon quality. I can't wait for the harvest. I'm sure he'll share. With his fresh tomatoes, a head of garlic, some rich soft cheese and a good olive oil and salt and pepper with chopped basil and a nice chunk of bread - well let's just say I'll be in heaven.

There's nothing like a good caprese on a hot spring day.


My last customer was driven in by the rain. Yard guy. As we chatted I asked, "What's on your agenda for the rest of the day?"

Him, "I'm gonna spend the day at the gym. Need a good workout." Then, "How about you. You ever work out? You seem all muscled up."

I smiled and said, "Yes, matter of fact I do, several times a day I draw my carry piece and present it to that wall (used my finger to illustrate) and repeat." I furthered explained, "It's a great exercise for muscle memory."

I can keep a wonderful straight face.

He puts on this little strange look and turns and takes in the wall.

"Ugh, yeah, I guess it comes in handy....excuse me."  Walks out.

The rain also gives forth the great unwashed.