Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's The Little Things

Early this morning I awoke holding a beautiful young lady...her arms wrapped around me. Her head was snuggled into my right arm - her breath light and sweet. Her hair is long now and it fanned across my chest. I remained still, enjoyed the moment. It had been over a month since we'd last slept together. She, between the two of us.

I glanced over at Sweet Wife. She too was awake with a smile in her eyes, and gently whispered, "Nice, isn't it."

"Yes," I whispered back.

After breakfast she took me into our living room, moved the furniture, and gave me a lesson on the hoola-hoop. I took a video of her 'dance.' Wish I had the means to post it.

When the day nurse arrived, Little Bit took a position at my feet, and stroked my leg while the nurse worked. She quietly cried. I asked her to look away. She said, "No Papa, I need to help her."

In truth it was me she helped. Her presence is all the medication I need.  

Photos taken this morning...


A Gift of Coffee

To my friend in Idaho....the coffee is wonderful. If I hadn't screwed the pooch by losing your email address I would have sent a personal thanks. Rest assured I'm stunned by your generosity and kindness. Zip me another email and I'll save it this time around.

If ever you need help, yell, I'm here for you.

Thank you, my friend.