Friday, October 21, 2011


Yesterday I posted a thank you and welcome to Bluesun but didn't have a link for his you can see I've corrected that oversight.

Please, give him a shout.

He's nice people.

Ed McGivern

I completely forgot Ed's birthday yesterday. Guess my head was in the clouds. Ed was born in 1874 and passed in December 1957. It was Ed McGivern (and my father) that put the bug in my heart for handguns and fast draw. He was the best hand gunner that ever lived. Many of his records still stand, although Jerry Miculek has since broken a few of his single-action records, Ed still holds many I doubt will ever be broken.

My father took to me to one of Ed's last handgun expeditions just prior to his death. I'll never forget it. For more information, Google....he was one hell of a man.

Ed, above, on the left.

Above, this is one of Ed's Sam Myres Buscadero two-gun rigs.

Ed and Elmer Keith were good friends. I'm proud to say so was I. Elmer and Me struck up a friendship back in the early 1970's when I had mailed and asked if he'd be willing to sign my copies of his books. By return mail he agreed and before I knew it I was receiving a letter once or twice a week from Elmer. I still have them, and of course, all his signed first editions.

These two men, if you are a member of the gun culture, should hold a special place in your lives. They set the standard. They shaped the handgun world.