Friday, June 1, 2012

For The Sake of The Little Ones

Please, click and read this. Then pray for those so abused.

This dear lady has suffered much in her life and a prayer for her would be deeply appreciated. She isn't asking for sympathy. She reveals to help others heal and to prevent future harm of the innocent.


Read It To Believe It

I mean it. You've got read this post by Murph to believe what he paid for a tank of gas, a motorcycle tank for pete's sake.

By the way, it's a fun blog for all you bike riders...

When you arrive at the link scroll down just a bit beneath the first picture to begin reading....I've linked his comment page, so first, scroll up...sorry.


Thanks & Welcome - with a Note

To a new friend, Coreysmash. Thanks for hitting my little blue button. I promise, my new friend, to always answer your comments, in time.

Please, pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee and we'll sail into life together. Again, thank you and welcome to my humble blog. You are now among friends.

To the rest of my friends - it's been a hectic and tiring morning. Up to my ears in paperwork and personal affairs. Please excuse my absence. I will get around to your blogs as soon as possible.

Take care,