Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Can of Fun

Arrived this morning from Lucky Gunner. The nice folks there sent me a fifty round can of Fiocchi .45 ammunition. I shall sling some lead this weekend and report back on my results early next week. Stay tuned.

The fine print on this can read,'Fiocchi's new line of Canned Heat is hermetically sealed and packed with desiccants to prevent rust, deterioration, and moisture.'  This is perfect for prep storage.

Wish you fine folks could join me this weekend. I just love the smell of gunpowder in the morning....

Thanks, Lucky Gunner.



Shar, where are you? I lost you. Is it me....shucks.

Please, come home.


Tuesday On The Run

Tuesday is a busy first day back to work for such don't expect much from me today, hopefully, I'll be able to post later in the day. But for now, not so much. Random thoughts ahead...thinking, hurts, need coffee.

Spent most of yesterday with Sweet Wife signing papers to refinance our mortgage. It'll save us thousands of dollars. Sweet Wife works for the largest finance company in the world as part of their mortgage bond department so she gets deep discounts and great rates. Hard to pass on such benefits.

Remember when the morning newspaper landed in the yard with a thump. I walked outside this morning and the paper had been thrown and was still fluttering to the ground like butterfly wings on a stiff Spring breeze. Takes me ten seconds to read it.

Little Bit, this morning, asked me who made God. Try and answer that question for a six year old.

My friend, Duke, and my other buddies, have a camping/workday planned for this coming weekend. Reports to follow. I'll try and get a picture of Duke in his underwear for you'll not be pretty.