Thursday, March 8, 2012

Email Update

Thanks to my friend, mmasse.

mmasseMar 8, 2012 08:54 AM
Just a minor annoyance with the email. Just as long as you remember to type your email in every time (especially when replying) it does not miss the "t". My daughter loves the pajama days. It usually means a good movie as well.

There, now you know how to avoid the problem when you email to my Comcast address. 

Thanks, my friend.


Bits & Pieces

This morning we have short sleeve and sunglasses weather. It's tough to live in Florida. I've had two great days here at work. My biggest problem are those people that ask, "What was wrong with you?"  I'm sick (no pun intended) of giving out explanations.

Recently a local idiot here in town walked into his work place (a school) and killed his boss. A nice lady, then turned the weapon on himself thereby saving the justice system time and money.  Then, the local leftest media jumped on the gun is evil bandwagon.

Now I'm not a blogger that gives out second hand news. I give you, the reader, credit for an above average intelligence, I mean after all you are reading the mess I write, and I know you have smarts enough to read at least one newspaper a day and watch Fox news and glace, once in a while, at the Drudge Report. But having said that I do want to point out the inevitable event that occurs after a 'gosh let me shoot my boss because he or she fired me today.'

First day - he used an AK-47 'assault rifle.' You moan, "Yeah, here we go again..."

Second day - (real report) How did he ever 'legally' obtain one of those 'assault rifles?' Get it, legally.

Third day - He had one hundred rounds of ammunition and the 'assault rifle' had a thirty round 'clip.' I swear to all that is Holy, the leftist media interviewed a 'firearms instructor' that gave the last statement. He said, 'clip.'

Forth day - Let's ban all AK-47's.

We're at day three.

The idiot used a an everyday 'run of the mill' Romanian WASR that can be purchased legally at any local gun shop for between three and five hundred dollars plus tax. A semi-auto rifle....

Give me a break.


I seem to have a problem with my email. It's been brought to my attention numerous times. It isn't my fault folks, the problem belongs to Comcast and they admit it and can't seem to correct the problem. So, I have another account. I don't like it but if it's necessary and you feel the earth shatter and must indeed send me an email I will use it. I do receive most, not all, of your emails. If you find you get a message back after you've clicked away and the last 't' in Comcast has been dropped, don't panic.

Use, Stephen5150 at ymail dot com, and I'll try to check it daily. This email account doesn't automatically ping my computer like the Comcast address so your mail might sit for a couple of days...I promise to check as often as I can remember.

I'm days late in reading your nice blogs. I shall make an attempt today or this evening to catch up. I'm sorry I haven't posted any comments, but please understand I'm a full month behind in my labors. And, it's tax season and my Quicken program bit the dust a few months back which leaves me a bucket full of little receipts to manually add and subtract on my little isn't fun. Rest assured, I still keep tabs on you.

Little Bit was all happy this morning. It's 'pajama dress day' at her school. She was a little uncertain about stepping from the truck for breakfast. She asked if people would make fun of her and I said, no. She was cute as a button and everyone would think her pretty. She smiled and walked tall and proud into the restaurant and all the 'old farts' stood and gave her a smile and good morning. She blushed.

Above taken this morning.

Have a great day.