Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Greenhorn

He's a nice man, late middle age. Short and kinda on the chubby side. As green as green gets when it comes to firearms and the gun culture. I kid you not his name is, Jesse James.

After months of consultation he's finally ready to pull the trigger....asked, as he pointed to a notice of items for sale, "May I hold that derringer?"

Back in my office we're seated and he fondles the little baby. Its a vintage piece, nickled, chambered in .38 Special.

Then, as sincere as sincere gets, he asked, "Stephen, seriously, will this really kill someone if I shoot them with it?"


An Oversight

Thank the good Lord for Claritin. There are certain plants and trees, in our area, that bloom during early Fall and the resulting pollen as kicked my butt. As a result Claritin as become my daily routine, and I now realize an oversight in my emergency medical kit.

I shall correct this mistake.

Post haste.


The last two days have been very busy here at the shop. Rain this morning. Between the drip of my nose and customers I haven't had time to sit and write, or read blogs. I hope all is well with you good folks.

My friend, Duke, dropped in yesterday and spent a few hours here at the shop. We had a good visit. He left light of pocket. I'm sure he'll relay the information in his own good time.


Sweet Wife has taken the day off and is at home supervising carpet cleaners and furniture movers. I made double sure she had her little Ruger LCP attached firmly to belt before I walked out the door. I don't trust delivery and contract help.

We contacted Goodwill Industries and donated our old leather sofa. What 'da heck, a write off on my taxes beats a loss.