Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are You Aware

That disgusting show known as American Idol is back on the boob tube? Well, trust me, I do.

Sweet Wife has it on as I write. My ears hurt.

Now get this: I complained. Asked her to please lower the volume on the screen. She said, are you ready for this....leave the room.

To me.

I can't escape it. Surely God has decided I need punishment for past sins.



I have this thing about knives. I own more than I'll ever need, yet I still make excuses to collect one more example when the urge hits me.

I cannot pass on any fine example of an American made Schrade Old Timer. I like the early Old Timer Walden models. If you're interested, Google it, as I'll not take the time to explain the history of Schrade knives. The company went out of business in 2004. Any current knife with the Schrade logos are now made in China. If you find USA or USA NY stamped at the base of the blade it's fine, and should never have stainless blades.

Anyhow, found this baby late last evening.

She's a Muskrat model 787 with nickle/silver bolsters. Rare. I hope to own her very soon. Silver....
can you believe it, they actually used silver in her bolsters. She isn't from the Old Timer line but that's fine with me. She'll look nice in my collection.

Hey, I know. Boring stuff. I'm just excited.