Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Try To Please

Today I was firmly told by a nice older fella I needed to get off my backside and post. I explained I was not in the mood.  Matter of fact I'm kinda ticked off...because -

Our home air unit is on the fritz and I'm sure repairs will cost us a pretty penny and the friggin unit isn't even eight years old. My Sweet Wife has strange worrisome back pains which will haunt me until we get a doctor's report. Our yard is a mess and when I have a rare afternoon to attend it the weather turns against me. My reading list is a mile long and continues to grow. I haven't time for my hobbies, which is dead skunk drag my butt in the mud kick a democrat in the knee awful.

So, here I sit with sore feet with my cell at a constant scream. Just spent the last fifteen minutes answering text messages. I'm about to throw this Blackberry across the room. There, see, two more beeps...

Oh, before I my constant reader in Everett, Washington - thanks. I appreciate it.

At the request of my lovely wife we went to the know, the kind of movie where other people sit in the same darkness with you and use their cell phones as flashlights, yep that kind. The title of this movie was 'God's Not Dead.' She loved it. I enjoyed the fact she loved it. I highly recommend it..on DVD. Truthfully it was a pretty good movie.

Rambling...this cell is about to drive me nuts. Just checked and it's Senior - he can wait.'s all I ask. Beep....