Sunday, October 2, 2011


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Bits and Pieces

We live in a beautiful area of Florida. We locals call it The River City. Here are a few random snapshots. The riverwalk shots we're taken this morning.  A cold front moved in last evening and the weather this morning was just too nice not to take a walk. We are fortunate in that our home is located on the river and a short walk to the boardwalk.

Our home is just to the left of my Sweet Wife's head.

A view down river.

Nana and her Little Bit.

Little Bit steps off to play in the river sand.

The marsh meets a feeder creek. Excellent fishing area.

This was taken yesterday.

This was taken in a local park. Sweet Wife hired a professional photographer to take a few pictures of Little Bit. Sweet Wife wants a portrait to hang above the fireplace....oh well. It's just money.

I know these shots look professional, but they were taken with my Blackberry. Yes, I hire out.

Canal view towards the main river.

Striking a pose. Folks, I'm sorry to bore you with all these pictures of my granddaughter, but please remember, I write this blog for her. My simple chronicle of her young life from my point of view for the day when Papa will be a nothing more than a shadow in her memory.

Have a nice Sunday.