Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bits and Pieces

We live in a beautiful area of Florida. We locals call it The River City. Here are a few random snapshots. The riverwalk shots we're taken this morning.  A cold front moved in last evening and the weather this morning was just too nice not to take a walk. We are fortunate in that our home is located on the river and a short walk to the boardwalk.

Our home is just to the left of my Sweet Wife's head.

A view down river.

Nana and her Little Bit.

Little Bit steps off to play in the river sand.

The marsh meets a feeder creek. Excellent fishing area.

This was taken yesterday.

This was taken in a local park. Sweet Wife hired a professional photographer to take a few pictures of Little Bit. Sweet Wife wants a portrait to hang above the fireplace....oh well. It's just money.

I know these shots look professional, but they were taken with my Blackberry. Yes, I hire out.

Canal view towards the main river.

Striking a pose. Folks, I'm sorry to bore you with all these pictures of my granddaughter, but please remember, I write this blog for her. My simple chronicle of her young life from my point of view for the day when Papa will be a nothing more than a shadow in her memory.

Have a nice Sunday.



  1. Don't ever be sorry. It's your blog. And I'm sure we all enjoy hearing about LB from your perspective.

  2. It was a beautiful day today, yesterday as well. I think it was in the 60's the last 2 mornings.

  3. Sometimes the knowledge of what is coming, combined with the knowledge of just how bad most Americans act now days, causes me to lose track of how I still need to be praying for America. I hate to admit it, but anymore, most times my prayer is no longer "save them", but rather "how long until you destroy them Lord?". Seeing pictures like these help to remind me. Don't apologize my friend. I may not be willing to leave comments using my name anymore because I want to lay low from now on, but they do help. Thank you.

  4. it is an honor to me to be able to come here and read about and see such an amazing love. never be sorry!

  5. Stephen - you know that i love and appreciate all of your posts. but the ones about LB - oh please never be sorry! i think we all love her almost as much as you and sweet wife!

    can you imagine how she will feel when she is a little older and can read all of these posts about her that her grandaddy made for her? i can only imagine how she will feel!

    and what will she think when she reads stranger's comments about how beatiful she is? because she is so beautiful Stephen!

    on behalf of all of your regular followers and commenters - i say thank you, Sir. thank you for sharing such a wonderful and sweet part of your life.

    my goodness she is cute though eh?

    your friend, who always appreciates these kinds of posts,

  6. Above and beyond what other commenters have said, you'll never be a shadow in her memory. You're going to stand out as the bright light and joy in her young life. Awesome grandparents tend to do that. You'll live on forever in that beautiful little head.

  7. Matt, thank you very much. I sometimes forget I write this for here.

    Duke, we hit 59 this morning...nice. I hope it's this cool next weekend for our camping trip.

    Anon, I understand, welcome and thank you.

    Kellie, thank you, Sweet Lady. It's an honor having you.

    Kymber, as always your comments give me a smile. I do love her so much. I truly hope I am able to save as much of this blog as possible for her adulthood. It is indeed a labor of love. Thank you so much.

    45er, I truly hope that is the case. Thank you.

  8. Stephen, if this is for LB, you should consider making a backup of your blog. It just happened recently to an online news blog, and it also happened to Arsenius before with no warning or explanation. Google just deleted his old blog one day. The news blog got their site back. Arsenius did not.

    Food for thought, sir.

  9. Whatever you write Stephen, I will read. And whatever you write will be much better than MSNBC.

  10. Don't forget to have some nice pictures taken of yourself and your wife so that LB can have them to remember you - pictures just for her to keep. Candid ones are the best. I only have one picture of my grandpa K. in a locket that belonged to my mom.

  11. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

  12. i love the pics.. I have a friend that is a professional photog and Im thinking of hiring her one day to do pics of the boys...

  13. Funny thing here...I answered all these comments last night from my laptop, and poof, they're gone this morning....dammit.

    Okay, begin again.

    Matt, I do back up to my hard drive then it in turn is backed up to my Carbonite account. I remember when Arsenius lost his work...we've know each other personally for hurt me as much as him because I enjoy his writing so much, it was a damn shame.

    Mudbug, thank you very much.

    Mrs. S., very good advice and Sweet Wife and I spoke of it this morning. Thanks.

    Rob, thank you, and I yours.

    JUGM, thank you, and you should have photos taken of those sweet boys.

    MDR, you are more than welcome, and thank you.

  14. So Stephen, you're telling me that your backup system is saving your blogs on Google's website? I hate to sound so dumb regarding this, but you've actually verified this?

  15. Matt, the program Carbonite backs up all files on my computer several times a day or when I click it and tell it to do, what I do is scroll down the page of my blog and select a date from my blog's archive and save that date (or file, if you will) to my documents file (or any folder you like) which, as you know, places that file on my hard drive...then it's saved to Carbonite, off site. I pay about fifty five dollars a year for it. It's saved my butt once in the past...I was able to download all my computers files (even bookmarks) using Carbonite when my last computer crashed. Yes, actually verified.

  16. This was a real pleasure to see your family, that you speak and share with us. They are both --pretty girls. The pics you have taken are fabulous, especially Little Bit on park bench and tree limb. She is adorable. Tiny like a butterfly. The picture of Sweet Wife and her granddaughter are a treasure to behold. These memories she will cherish all of her life. Simple things to us can mean the world to them. If you get a locket, get 2, one for her and one for ya to hang onto for her. I thought of something earlier today, with all the beautiful scenery, events, and especially adventures with Grandpa. . .make her a scrap book. You should have a separate hard drive for things most valuable. Everytime we catch them on sale, hubby has me pick one up, cause you never know. Well,I do know, very sad day to not have your work. How is your younger brother? Hope all is well, In My Prayers. .

  17. teresak, thanks, but I'll pass on the scrapbook idea, too girly for me. Thank you for the kind comments on the girls...I love them both very much.

  18. Scrapbooking is for the girls to do together. Not you silly, you belong to the Man club. Never did say, hows your younger brother doing? Prayer line is still open.