Saturday, March 29, 2014


Some of you I'm sure seldom read and that is fine...sad, but fine. I cannot live without the written word, period.

If you indeed enjoy the quiet moments alone with the great authors of our time you will find this of interest.

On the other hand if your inclination is to exclaim out loud, "That sure is a thick book," on the rare occasion you actually find yourself in close proximity to a library - never mind.


Soft Light

One of my readers, Linda, left a comment and asked if the old hurricane lantern pictured in my last post was mine....and in so doing she reminded me I do need to throw a container in the back of my truck. I want another five gallons of kerosene for my oil lamps. Hurricane season is just around the bend.

We own dozens of oil lamps (kerosene) and keep the lamps scattered thru out the house. There are miniature lamps, and huge very old lamps of all shapes and sizes and all have nice trimmed wicks that give gentle bright light. The lamps have proven their worth on many a dark rainy night when the winds roar and trees fall.

Between our home generator and the lamps and various forms of flashlights (torches to you good folks in Great Britain and Ireland) we're able to survive the storms without busted knee caps and broken bones.

I haven't the time at present to dive into great detail but suffice it to say if you're a novice prepper (survivalist) hit the garage sales and snatch the good offerings...if the brass works screw into the base, its a good one, and probably very old. If the wick works screw onto the base its still good but not high quality. I'm not sure when the manufacturing techniques changed but I'm sure someone will inform us.

Pictured, four oil lamps from Google files. Not mine.
Aladdin made some wonderful lamps. And hey, don't forget the wicks.

That is all.